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Dear Jeff,

Winter is passing, spring has arrived and Mary and I just wanted to thank you for the great job you and your team did with our exterior paint job. A year on, and it has weathered the seasons without a sign. It is a world of difference from the condition it was in prior to your transformation of the house.

Your help in choosing the color of the main exterior, eaves and trim around the doors and windows was very much appreciated - a great improvement on what the original color scheme was prior to painting. The comprehensive prep work that you did before painting (sanding of the garage door, attentive caulking of the entire house, filling of cracks under the eaves, thorough masking all doors, windows and rain gutters) and the back-brushing and back-rolling after the main painting really made the difference.

The house looks ten years younger than it did prior to your painting, and looks as if it is prepared to go another ten years without a problem.

We hope that you and your crew will be available in a decade (or maybe two!) from now if we need to have it repainted again.

Thanks again.

Mary & Bill Apgood

Bend, OR

Jeff - Thank you for your professional, timely, affordable exterior house painting project for us. Your thoroughness in caulking every nail hole, smoothing out areas of the siding, sanding, expert hand and spray painting techniques has already been noted and complemented by most neighbors walking by our home. Also, thank you for the expert advice on choosing the new combinations of colors which now match the rockwork. The house looks brand new. Sincerely, Shelley and Ken Maier.

Shelley Maurice-Maier (Bend, OR)ing/

Dear JP,
I wanted to write this satisfaction rating for the interior wall/ceiling and patio painting you and your workers performed and completed. I am very pleased with the painting job, my home now looks beautiful! You and your workers were on time every day and took into consideration that I needed to stay at the house while you painted. I will definitely recommend your painting experience and quality to friends.

Laura T.

Redmond, OR

Dear JP,
We are so pleased with the work you and your crew did. The preparation work was carefully done and the repairs discussed and completed. All the work was completed as proposed. We appreciated being informed of the progress and any changes that had to be made.
Your choice of color for the front door set off the house and enhanced the stonework at the entrance. We are enjoying the results and would recommend your work to anyone wanting quality work at a fair price.

Marilyn & Bill Korte

Redmond, OR

We were very pleased with JP and his painting services. I found him in the yellow pages and was a little nervous but he quickly eased our concerns. JP has a great way with colors and was very helpful in directing us in what colors to choose for the interior of our home. He and his team did a wonderful job painting and paying attention to details. We would definitely recommend him.

Debbie Fowler

Bend, OR

We had Jeff and his helpers paint the outside of our house. I appreciated the very knowledgeable advice provided, but what I most appreciated was the thorough preparation provided for our older house which resulted in very good and long lasting paint coverage. Later we had Jeff and company do the inside of our house and were go glad for their patience and understanding as we wrestled with minor color changes. Their careful preparation and sometimes many coats of paint to assure rich coverage were also very much appreciated. I highly recommend this company.

Ariel & Lenore Roth

Bend, OR

Dear Jeff,

Andy and I want to express our sincere thanks for a very good house painting experience. Not only does the house and all the out buildings look great but your team worked with the utmost professionalism and respect for our property. We were amazed that such detailed good work could be done in such a short amount of time.

We appreciate having such quality work done at a very reasonable cost. To say the least: We are thrilled!

Needless to say...we will tell everyone who visits the Nezervation who did such a great job of painting!

Judy Niedzwiecke

Bend, OR

Dear JP,
I want to express my appreciation for a terrific job in painting the exterior of our home in September 2010. You and your crew worked diligently and completed the job on the estimated schedule. Each day you showed up on time. There were no gaps or delays in the work activity. You stuck to the original bid without any cost overruns. The paints you selected for the job were good quality. Your paint color suggestions turned out nice. And after finishing the job, cleanup was thorough and done promptly. I won't hesitate to use your company again for my home painting needs.

Darrell Field

Bend, OR

Professional job for sure I know that.
Es una de las mejores compañias en las que eh trabajado y lo mejor es que nunca se queda el trabajo comenzado.

Manuel C Sanchez

Bend, OR

We hired Jeff Peters of JPs Painting to paint and make repairs on our home in Black Butte Ranch. From the time of his estimate he was professional, courteous and timely. After the estimating process he did the project with the utmost care and detail. From power washing to repairing boards before he began the painting. He was on time with his schedule and the job he did was outstanding. Our home has never looked better. He and the crew did a wonderful job and the price was very fair.

We would highly recommend Jeff and JPs Painting to anyone interested in having a thorough and professional job done. Our next project is deck repair and re-staining and he will be our first and only phone call.

Anne & Jeff Miller

Bend, OR

JP and his crew did a great job with the prep work and finish work in painting the exterior of our house. There was a lot of prep work needed before painting, and we are very pleased with the job both with quality and with the crew. They are hard workers and know what they are doing. We highly recommend them.

Jerry E.

We had JP paint the interior of our house about six years ago. We were very pleased so had him paint our exterior this month. In addition to his high quality work, he has an excellent eye for color. We highly recommend him.

Bart F.

JP and his crew did a great job on our home! We have a Craftsman home with lots of exterior details that needed a good deal of attention after 10+ years of C.O. sunshine. They spent a great deal of time performing the prep work of scraping old paint, sanding where needed and priming. They were recommended by a local custom builder with 40 years in C.O. The job came out looking great. I have confidence that spending the time on properly prepping the underlying surfaces; I'll still be happy a few years from now. Thanks for all the hard work!

Scot G.

Jeff and his team painted the exterior of our home. Being a home that included a complicated roof line and involved a lot of additional prep work, they were very thorough and extremely professional. They spent two days simply preparing the home for painting, taking such time and care making sure everything was sealed and finished prior to painting. They were always on time and put in a very full day of painting, all working hard to meet our expectation in a reasonable amount of time, but also enjoying their day and one another. We are thrilled with our home and I would say that Jeff went the extra mile to do some little extras to complete our home as we wanted it. I would highly recommend Jeff and his great team and they will be the first ones we call should we be in the market for any further painting.

Debbie B.

We have worked with JP and his team of painters on multiple occasions -- both with respect to interior and exterior painting for our home. On every occasion, the work has been fantastic and with a high attention to detail given. JP will be our "go to" painter for as long as we live in Bend.

Danielle M.

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